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Sleep MP3

You know what it's like. Lying in bed. Brain just won't stop letting you know the things you SHOULD be doing right now. The closer you get to falling asleep, the more things seem to cram into your mind.

Or, maybe you DO get to sleep. But seem to just as quickly snap awake again. The harder you try to get back to sleep, the more awake you get.

Sound Familar?

If you're anything like most people I know, you have nights where no matter how hard you try, sleep just doesn't seem in the cards. I'm told that sometimes it feels like they were being punished for something!

Maybe your brain just doesn't know when to SHUT UP and let you wind down.

I'm Bill Perry, the creator of a kick-ass MP3 called "Sleep."

Here's the deal. I know you'd rather be sleeping than reading this webpage. So I'm not going to waste your time. This MP3 will help you sleep in a way you never thought possible.

Now, a little about the MP3 itself:

This MP3 uses a combination of ambient music and special tones hidden under the music which give your brain a certain set of frequencies to latch onto, like magic tuning forks.

Simply put, this MP3 will grab your brain and gently and quickly knock it out. Once it gets it down in deep sleep where it needs to be, the music turns off and your brain takes over.

Best of all, this is an instant download! Download it straight to your computer, ipod, tablet, whatever you have!

This financial investment for this magic sleep experience is $19. Nineteen ninety nine. Pure and simple. No tricks, gimmicks or psychological mind games.

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For you,

Bill Perry
Albuquerque, New Mexico

P.S. So what's it feel like to be just a few minutes away from sleeping deeper than you've slept in years?


Sleep MP3